Upskilling couldn’t be easier!

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Did you know that you can get recognised qualifications in the trade of automotive electrical even though you are not yet a qualified auto electrician? Would you not want to send a diesel mechanic to do field work and when he gets there and finds that it is an electrical problem then, he fixes it instead of you calling for an auto electrical company to come and repair the problem? Think about the time it will take for them to come and how much that will cost you. One of the trades that is looked down on is the auto electrical trade, yet it is also one of the most important trade in the motor industry. Even a motor mechanic or a diesel mechanic needs to understand at least the basic principles of automotive electricals.  It is time that we really realise that this trade as long as anyone works on a car, truck, bus or any earth moving equipment they need to have at least basic auto electrical knowledge.

At Kigima Auto electrical training centre we train people, in auto electrical from the basic auto electrical to advanced for both light and heavy duty. We are fully merSETA accredited. We train on 60 plus Unit Standards in auto electrical and two qualifications, one may find the details on our website and our Facebook page. We encourage motor mechanics and diesel mechanics to have at least NQF LEVEL 2 Qualification or do a basic heavy duty or light duty electrical course,one would say they would want to do the NQF LEVEL 2 but they do not have 6 to 12 months to spare because they have to work. Here is the great news, you can start training on unit standards that will eventually lead you to the qualification, meaning to say one may take one or two weeks off work and they do one or two unit standards at a time. What we do is we tell you the unit standards that make up the qualification you desire to have and then you decide with our guidance how to do the training. Every unit standard you complete and you are found competent, you get a statement of result from merSETA and we give you a certificate. When you complete all the Unit standards and found competent against all of those unit standards, you will then get the merSETA Qualification Certificate of the level you would have completed and found competent in. However if one is interested in short courses one will still have to be trained on a couple of unit standards, we call these courses skills programmes. At the end of each skills programme, you will get a statement of results from merSETA and the certificate we will give you will also have a merSETA logo.

What this means is that we can create a world whereby even a diesel mechanic or a motor mechanic may also go into the field to repair an auto electrical problem and not only the mechanical problem, so by so doing the company has saved time and money at the same time.

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